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Sony recently announced a new streaming service that it hopes will rival the upcoming Xbox Game Pass subscription service. The PlayStation experience is surprisingly unique, making it an interesting option for video game entertainment.

Bloomberg reports that Sony is contemplating an Xbox Game Pass-like subscription service. PlayStation Plus (needed for most online multiplayer games) and PlayStation Now (a library of titles to download or stream) will apparently be integrated into this new product. PlayStation Now will be phased off, according to reporter Jason Schreier on Twitter.

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The new Spartacus service would offer three tiers. One would contain current PlayStation Plus perks, another a library of PS4 and eventually PS5 games, while a third would have extended demonstrations, game streaming, and a library of historic PS1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PSP games, Bloomberg says. The service would begin in the spring.

The Verge’s request for a response from Sony went unanswered. Bloomberg notes that the service’s membership tiers may not be determined yet.

Microsoft and Nvidia are both working hard to keep up with cloud gaming efforts like Nvidia’s RTX 3080 GeForce Now and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X for xCloud, according to Bloomberg. Following the 2019 agreement between Microsoft and Sony, it is not clear if Spartacus would run on Microsoft Azure. If so, it would mean that Sony’s service runs on the same infrastructure as its rival.

Spartacus’ service looks like it would place Sony on pace with Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which allows consumers to play online multiplayer, access a wide library of titles from Microsoft and other firms, and stream games from the cloud. Additionally, it appears as though Sony is following Microsoft’s lead in offering multiple service tiers, with cloud gaming available exclusively as part of the $15 Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

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Spartacus, on the other hand, may not be eligible for Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate’s day-one access to Microsoft’s first-party titles. “Don’t expect Sony to also include its huge new titles day one as Game Pass does,” Schreier wrote in a tweet.

When Sony’s PlayStation Plus began in 2010, it offered $49.99 a year for a membership that included access to digital goodies, including free games and game trials. It was only in 2016 that Sony made PlayStation Plus a requirement for playing online on the PlayStation 4 and increased the annual subscription price to $59.99. PlayStation Now subscriptions cost $59.99 per year. Although Spartacus is expected to ship in the spring of 2022 according to a report from Bloomberg, no pricing information was provided.

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