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Roblox may not be as well-known as Fortnite or Minecraft as a children’s game, but it just claimed that it had more than 100 million active monthly users.

It has slipped under the public spotlight more than its competitors, leaving parents whose children are suddenly begging to play it in need of a primer.

What exactly is Roblox?

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Roblox is an online game creation system where “amateur” game developers generate most of the material.

These game developers may use essential technologies to build and distribute games to the community.

That means they may experiment with ideas that would not be funded for a commercial release.

These games may then be played by children all over the globe, frequently online together, using a phone or tablet app or a computer browser.

Games like Prison Escape, Work at a Pizza Place, Shark Attack, and Disaster Survival provide a fun opportunity to interact with adult-like settings in fast competitive rounds performed socially.

Roblox games mirror the type of imaginative play that is common in playgrounds.

When one youngster has an idea for a game, others join in.

The rules gradually alter as the group determines how to have fun together.

Creators of Roblox games may easily update and change their games to meet the expectations of the massive playing community.

This ever-changing and increasing library of games contributes significantly to Roblox’s popularity.

When you combine this with millions of other players to compete against challenges, you have the perfect combination for young people to enjoy.

But, like other online games, there are certain risks to be aware of, which you must know about.

Roblox age restrictions

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Because the material in Roblox is user-generated, it does not have to adhere to the same stringent age restrictions as commercially produced content.

In the United Kingdom, Roblox is classified PEGI 7, with explicit language stating that there is no blood.

According to the VSC, which administers the legally obligatory PEGI ratings, it only covers the entire system and a few sample games.

The same is true in other countries, with the ESRB having a similar stance in the United States.

Roblox filters and checks the games that are generated for improper imagery and vulgarity.

However, games with horror, murder, or violent themes are still permitted. Hotline, a Roblox game we tested, charged players with knocking each other down with firearms or knives, then bashing each other’s heads until they died with blood splatters.

The best approach is to configure the Account Restrictions setting in the connected Roblox account.

This restricts the available games to those chosen by Roblox.

However, it should be noted that specifying a child’s age as under 13 does not limit the games they may access.

In-game purchases on Roblox

Although the Roblox game itself is free to play, children are encouraged to make in-game purchases using real money.

Kids can buy Robux with real money, which they can then spend on gaming equipment and costumes.

Ensure that credit cards are tracked and password-protected on your systems so that no unexpected purchases occur.

It’s a good idea to discuss this commercial component of the game with your child before they play.

All games operate perfectly without additional material, but they will direct players to the benefits of spending money, as this is how game developers earn from their works.

Parental restrictions on Roblox

Other parental restrictions in the game may be utilized to guarantee that Roblox is exceptionally safe for younger users.

For more information, see the Roblox website.

First and foremost, you must provide the proper date of birth for your child’s account.

This will initiate a secure chat with a greater degree of screening.

Additionally, you will be given a separate parent login to monitor your child’s interactions.

Xbox version of Roblox

Roblox released a game for the Xbox a few years ago.

The way parental controls operate on the Xbox differs slightly from a PC, Mac, or iPad.

Although the Xbox has restrictions for friend requests, those in Roblox are not restricted since they are considered a distinct sort of in-game buddy.

However, according to Microsoft’s terms of service for game developers, gamers cannot establish new friends while playing on Xbox.

They will only see friends who have previously been added to the PC, Mac, or iPad.


Hopefully, this has clarified what Roblox is and how to keep your children safe while playing it.

Finally, as has been widely documented, the flurry of tweets, Facebook postings, emails, and school gate talk concerning police warnings about nudity and stranger danger in the game did not originate with Kent Police.

The actual danger here is frightening parents into banning the game, therefore removing the chance for constructive and valuable discussions about acceptable online behavior.

The best approach to reduce any of these hazards in your family, as always, is to play the game together and keep gadgets and consoles in communal family places.

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