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What exactly is Seat Geek?

SeatGeek, founded in 2009, is an online ticket marketplace that allows you to sell and buy tickets for theatre events, live sports, and concerts.

SeatGeek offers a desktop and mobile platform that displays information on the most recent events in various locations.

You may look at the dynamic, color-coded seat maps. You may also obtain printouts of the tickets after purchasing them.

SeatGeek was created together by Jack Groetzinger and Russell D’Souza.

In 2018, this firm hired James McClure as one of its international-level general managers to expand its worldwide reach.

Regarding the site’s technological aspects, SeatGeek sorts tickets using the DealScore algorithm.

This algorithm aids in the identification of various low-cost tickets as well as the placement of the seat for any event.

SeatGeek, like Farecast, has previously forecasted pricing information.

It does, however, assist you in evaluating the prices of various concert tickets.

Is SeatGeek legitimate and secure?

SeatGeek provides you with the most secure method of comparing the prices of sports and concert tickets.

The company’s goal is to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

There is no need for you to visit several websites because you are using SeatGeek’s platform.

It is exhausting and time-consuming to visit several websites to learn about ticket prices.

As a result, SeatGeek has taken the worry out of ticket purchasing.

There is no danger of missing your favorite show since SeatGeek notifies you about live concerts and events in your nation.

User-friendly interface

SeatGeek provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to sell and purchase tickets quickly.

The registration process for ticket vendors or purchasers is pretty simple.

On the site, there is a button that says “Track My Order.”

This order-tracking function is quite similar to what we’ve seen on most other ticket-selling websites.

To search for any event, you may use a simple UI.

You will notice a search box, which allows you to search for anything by category.

You will be able to identify the seats at the most popular games or events of the year.

You must first select the game and then locate a dropdown menu that will assist you in determining the ticket costs.

Another handy tool is the site’s search filter.

You may sort everything by price, amount, and ticket type.

This simple style is one of the reasons why we received good SeatGeek reviews from consumers.

Is it safe to buy tickets through SeatGeek?

The majority of ticket buyers are interested in learning about the security measures used by this site.

According to Seat Geeks’ evaluation of numerous users, this is one of the safest sites for ticket purchasers.

You will be able to obtain genuine tickets.

The firm has utilized encrypted technology to handle your orders with the highest level of security.

You are aware that this firm collaborates with many ticket exchanges, and they have taken precautionary measures to ensure that you receive secure service at all times.

Is there a surcharge on the ticket?

Most prospective customers wonder, “Can I trust SeatGeek for my ticket deals?”.

They believe that this firm will demand an extra fee for the tickets.

On the other hand, the firm claims that its staff never charges an additional price for the tickets.

As a result, sellers will not be required to pay a fee for listing or selling their items.

They can do it for free.

However, after a successful ticket sale, the sellers must pay SeatGeek 20% of the purchase price. For example, if you sell a $100 ticket, SeatGeek will give you $80 and keep $20 as their fee.

As a result, we may state that SeatGeek gets money from the recommended site.

To put it simply, you buy a ticket from the original vendor, who receives a tiny fee for the transaction.

SeatGeek has consolidated the many types of tickets, making things easier for you.

SeatGeek Ticket distribution

In most circumstances, the tickets will be emailed to your registered email address.

The shipping charge is also included in the email.

There is a postal delivery option for select events. However, this is far more expensive than the email approach.

In rare cases, the cost of postal delivery may exceed $15.

Few people select the express delivery method, and they must pay an extra $10 in shipping costs.

Additionally, from these shipping methods, there are other ways to obtain the tickets.

  • Walk-In Venue

This is one of the alternatives in which the ticket seller must contact you to arrange the location and time.

The representative will then interact with you at the event location.

This will make it much easier for you to go to the event or sports venue.

  • Pickup in Your Area

In this scenario, you must connect with the vendor before the event starts to locate the pickup location near the event venue and obtain the tickets.

  • Gift Card

The tickets are linked to prepaid gift cards; the gift card must be used to attend the event.

  • Purchase tickets using mobile transfer options.

This is one of the creative methods for obtaining a mobile transfer to get entrance to the event.

Potential purchasers may wonder, “Are the tickets at SeatGeek trusted?”.

Most customers have stated that the mobile-based ticket distribution technique is far more safe and reliable than traditional tickets.

Tickets may be obtained from any other ticketing source preferred by the team or venue.

These tickets cannot be transferred from the site where they were produced.

As a result, to have access to the tickets, you must first set up an account or profile with a third party.

Another critical point to note is that these mobile tickets can not be printed.

To get access, you must scan the tickets using your mobile device.

First, the third party will send you an email, which you must approve for the ticket transfer to occur.

To claim the tickets, you must first click on the link provided in your email and then establish an account.

The tickets will be shown on your phone.

After you’ve added the tickets to your account, you may scan them with your phone using a third-party app.

Ticket delivery is immediate

These tickets will not be delayed in their issuance.

Within a few minutes, the tickets will be delivered to your SeatGeek account.

As a result, you will be able to obtain your tickets from any of the forms listed above.

New users may be perplexed by the format in which they will get their tickets.

After you’ve decided on a listing for buying the ticket, go to the Notes area.

This will assist you in viewing the format.

You might have bought the ticket.

In that scenario, you should go over the confirmation email, which will show the ticket format.

As a result, as a SeatGeek ticket buyer, you must be familiar with this format.

Based on the examination of ticket transfer techniques above, we may conclude that digital tickets have become the most favorable to purchasers.

Buyers will have the option of avoiding actual tickets (by mail) or printing a PDF ticket.

The mobile-friendly tickets sent via the app have further facilitated the procedure.

According to Jack Groetzinger, co-founder, mobile ticketing is now available for more than 80% of venues on SeatGeek.

He also believes that the paperless ticketing method will reduce the annoyance of waiting in line.

As a result, you may trust the SeatGeek platform for ticket transactions.

You may locate a possibility of the ticket delivery procedure at any moment.

SeatGeek vendors usually list their tickets with their expectations.

However, in a few situations, they must change the ticket transfer procedure.

Typically, this difficulty arises as a result of venue selection decisions. In these cases, it becomes difficult for vendors to provide tickets on time.

As a result, they select an alternative ticket transfer method.

For example, they can transmit e-tickets faster than paper tickets.

However, if the new ticket delivery procedure has caused you any problems, you must contact the SeatGeek service.

They will take action to resolve your issue.

Seat Geek ticket vendors’ and tickets’ dependability

All ticket purchasers are concerned about the possibility of fraud.

They constantly make an effort to ensure that the tickets are legitimate and that the vendors are trustworthy.

SeatGeek, on the other hand, claims that there is no risk of fraud on the platform.

Every merchant on the site offers a money-back guarantee. As a result, the misleading ticket brokers must pay you a large sum of money.

Even if the ticket is a forgery, you will be refunded your money.

For all of these reasons, the majority of SeatGeek users have not encountered a bogus case.

Brokers will not benefit from misleading buyers.

You may also check consumer reviews to get an answer to your inquiry, “Can I trust SeatGeek?”

However, we have discovered a few explanations for the tickets’ invalidity.

In rare situations, the ticket broker sells the tickets twice inadvertently.

He may have advertised the ticket on another site after announcing it on SeatGeek.

Two separate purchasers may have considered purchasing the same ticket at the exact moment.

However, each ticket’s barcode may only be used once to access the program.

One of these tickets will not be valid while you are at the event’s location.

Because you were the first purchase, you will be able to use the correct ticket.

The ticket, however, will become invalid for the second buyer.

As a SeatGeek vendor, you must ensure that your ticket inventory is not posted on numerous websites.

This will eliminate the possibility of double-selling.

Every educated and honest broker is responsible for canceling this double-sold order as soon as possible.

He must also notify the purchasers within a few hours.

The purchasers will be allowed to place a second order for the ticket.

Keep in mind that SeatGeek has stringent regulations for vendors.

The ticket dealers who broke the rules will face the consequences.

As a result, you must avoid the hazards of double-selling.

All vendors attempt to avoid paying penalties, which allows purchasers to obtain legitimate tickets.

SeatGeek offers a variety of discount codes to ticket purchasers

SeatGeek is currently one of the most popular engines among concertgoers in the United States.

However, high ticket costs preclude concertgoers or sports fans from attending the event in a few situations.

However, when you visit SeatGeek, you will have the option of receiving a discount with coupon codes.

The availability of coupon codes throughout the year has enticed many people to explore the SeatGeek platform.

SeatGeek understands that most of us like receiving a discount on every transaction.

As a result, you will receive this advantage whether you purchase a ticket to a music program, live sports, or any other live performance.

There are appealing promo codes for you whether you are a new ticket purchase or a committed, frequent customer.

Spend your money wisely and go to the performance.

The discount codes are only active for a limited time, and you might find different deals every time you make a purchase.

For example, you might earn $20 back if you place your first order.

You can purchase your first ticket to a collegiate game, a professional sports event, a comedy show, a play, a concert, or any sort of live event.

As one of the lucky ticket purchasers, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of a rebate or large discount offer on your first purchase.

Authentic tickets may be purchased using the SeatGeek app or website.

When placing a purchase, all buyers can utilize the promo codes.

You may have discovered several SeatGeek promotional codes on various coupon websites or cheap shopping websites.

However, the official site is the best place to get your code.

In most situations, we’ve discovered that the promo code is only valid for your first order or a sale above a certain amount.

As a result, to prevent missing any cheap offer on a concert, theatre, or sporting event, you must check the site daily.

Although promo codes and coupon coupons are advantageous, you must be aware of their limits.

To obtain the code, you must spend at least $30.

For example, if your ticket is $25, you will not receive a promo code for the transaction.

We also stated that some of the coupons are only valid for the first transaction.

As a result, these codes will not be accurate for your second or third offers.

You’ll also notice that discounts aren’t available for all tickets.

After purchasing tickets for any event, you must determine whether or not you are eligible for a promotional code.

The good news is that most of the ticket bargains include some sort of discount.

The site has a unique Promo Eligible ticket area.

SeatGeek customers’ most common ticket-related problems

In a few situations, purchasers discovered the name of another person on their ticket.

It is generally a source of anxiety for ticket purchasers.

They consider if they will be able to get admission to the place.

You can, however, avoid your worries in these situations.

The printed name is the name of the ticket’s original purchaser.

That person purchased the ticket on the secondary market.

His name will be on the ticket since he is reselling it.

This sort of problem will never prohibit you from attending any event location.

You are unconcerned with your name.

The most important thing to you is its barcode, which is printed on the ticket.

To access the venue, the ticket must be scanned.

SeatGeek Pros & Cons


As a new user, you may have a lot of queries, such as, “Is Seat Geek reliable?” Is it secure to buy tickets from the company? We recognized the platform’s positive characteristics in the initial evaluation.

  • You will receive regular email alerts informing you about the most recent programming.
  • On the UI, look for the color-coded offers. It assists you in discovering standard bargains, good deals, and terrible offers.
  • SeatGeek is always available to you via a laptop, computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • You have the option of previewing your seat, which aids in finding the center quickly.
  • Event tracking system for all ticket purchasers
  • A substantial discount is available when using the promo code to purchase tickets.
  • Because there are tickets on the secondary market, you may be able to receive special deals.
  • SeatGeek is also the primary distributor of Major League Soccer tickets.
  • It is a cross-platform and all-encompassing ticket-searching tool.
  • The design is straightforward.
  • SeatGeek provides all customers with legitimate and authentic tickets.
  • There is a refund policy in place for invalid tickets.
  • You have the option of selling your ticket through the corporation.


SeatGeek offers many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages.

  • SeatGeek charges a commission fee if you sell your tickets on their website.
  • Tickets purchased on the secondary market often command exorbitant prices.

Is Seatgeek a legitimate company?

Their policies are most likely less favorable than SeatGeek.

Without question, they’ve become one of the most popular and reliable ticket aggregators on the internet.

And, in my opinion, their worth is determined by the price.

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Here’s everything you need to learn about SeatGeek and whether it’s a scam. So, sure, they are pretty legitimate.

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