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In a new interview, Sony Interactive Media CEO Jim Ryan revealed that its firm’s acquisitions of Nixxes software had a lot to do with delivering more PlayStation titles to PC.

Jim Ryan revealed that plans to bring additional PlayStation titles to PC are in the works in a recent interview with Famitsu commemorating the selling from over 10 million PS5s.

“We are in the initial phases of our attempts to offer our IP to Windows, but we are pleased and excited to work with Nixxes to assist with that,” Ryan explained.

Sony recruited Nixxes Software to its increasing number of first-party studios earlier this month, as revealed by Hermen Hulst, Chief of PlayStation Studios.

“Nixxes will be a great addition for everybody across PlayStation Studios, assisting our teams in focusing on their most important aim, which is to produce original PlayStation content at the highest possible quality,” Hulst stated on tweet announcing the acquisition.

Nixxes Software, for those who are unfamiliar, is a Dutch support firm that has worked on games such as Marvel’s Avengers & Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

The Dutch company has also engaged in game porting between platforms, and its presence in Sony’s 1st-party studio roster may be seen as a support role.

A brief check at the company’s latest job listings, though, reveals that it was seeking a game producer as lately as last year.

A recent presentation discovered in a Sony investment paper suggested that Uncharted 4 could be the next game to work its way to PC, although Sony has yet to confirm this.

PlayStation has only lately shown an interest in transferring its unique IPs to PC, beginning with Horizon Zero Dawn and last year’s Days Gone earlier this year.

Hulst also remarked earlier this year in an interview on the PlayStation blog, “PlayStation will stay the greatest location to enjoy our PlayStation Studios products at launch.”

This appears to imply that, although many of PlayStation Studios’ games will be released on PC, it will not be at launch for new titles, but rather after they have experienced sales figures on the PS4 and PS5.

The Biggest Announcement By PlayStation So Far.

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves compilation includes Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

Uncharted 4 on PS5 and PC will be released in early 2022, along with its separate spinoff Uncharted: Lost Legacy.

The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection new-gen package was unveiled during the PlayStation Showcase 2021 event. Sony demonstrated some of the improved visual fidelity that players may anticipate from the upgraded version. It was already too beautiful even while operating on a PS4 Pro, and it’s much more so now.

The trailer concludes by confirming that the PC version would be available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store at launch, as well as Naughty Dog’s involvement – it appears that it is managing the remastered editions of its two final(?) Uncharted video games internally.

Naughty Dog is no newcomer to porting improved versions of last-gen favorites to new systems, as shown in the Last Of Us and its PS4 version. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake collection also included updated versions of the original three Uncharted games on PS4, however Bluepoint (that also executed the PS5-exclusive Demon’s Souls remaster) took the lead on that project.

Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been announced as 2023 PS5 exclusive, starring Parker, Morales, and Venom. Sony revealed Peter Parker & Miles Morales both will wear the costume and team up for the upcoming game in a small teaser video unveiled during PlayStation Showcasing 2021 live broadcast event on Sept 9, while Venom will be a major character.

The title will be developed once again by Insomniac Studios, with Sony refusing to reduce the release timeframe from 2023 at this time.

Parker and Morales (who had a solo 2020 PlayStation spin-off adventure due to the success of the Into The Spider-Verse motion picture) are shown joining up to take on evil villains in New York in the teaser.

A dark and mysterious voice enters, announcing that he’s waited for heroes who will provide him with maybe a little real challenge. “Yet all I’ve discovered is a disappointment,” says the voice.

“Will one of you eventually offer me what I’m looking for?”

That’s when we see Venom say, “Yes, we will,” bringing the 74-second teaser to a conclusion.

Following the announcement, Insomniac’s Ryan Schneider wrote on the PlayStation blog, “Today’s game footage trailer is merely a glimpse at what’s in store in anticipation of the current qualities our heroes will obtain, suits they will wear (more on that later), and the villains that will try to chase them down.”

“And speaking about villains, did you notice the last sentence at the conclusion of the trailer? We’re thrilled to announce that Tony Todd (Candyman) will play the symbiote-fueled Venom in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

We’re also excited to see Yuri Lowenthal and Nadji Jeter take their places like Peter and Miles, respectively. We’ve had the good fortune to collaborate with so many very great performers in previous Spider-Man videogames, and Tony has always been a fantastic fit for the role.”

Wolverine game for PS5

When Insomniac entered the world of superheroes with Spider-Man, it had a big success on its hands. With a game simply dubbed Wolverine, the company is now venturing into another Marvel realm.

We don’t know much about it except that Logan has incredibly hairy knuckles and appears as furious as ever. However, considering the studio’s track history, you can anticipate some very great action mixed along with an MCU-style plot.

Insomniac has this to say about it:

“Marvel’s Wolverine is a stand-alone game directed by Brian Horton (creative director) and Cameron Christian (game director), who most recently oversaw the creative work on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a game we’re really proud of at Insomniac.

In the same vein as previous Spider-Man games, our objective here is to not just respect the DNA of what makes the character so famous, but also to seek ways to make it seem fresh and really represent the Insomniac ethos.

Even while Marvel’s Wolverine is still in its early stages of production, what I’ve seen of its emotive narrative and cutting-edge gameplay (see what I did there?) suggests that the team is already producing something genuinely unique.”

God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok will be released on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2022, and we’ve officially seen a few gameplay videos and learned the actual title courtesy towards the PlayStation Showcasing.

Ever since the game’s announcement in September 2020, there has been very little official news or concrete specifics regarding what we may anticipate from God of War: Ragnarok, with the exception of confirming that the game’s release timeframe has been moved from 2021 to 2022.

All of that has altered now that we have a better sense of just what Kratos and Atreus will face in their forthcoming game.

In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is a catastrophe that results at the end of the world, thus our duo may well have their downsides out for them until God of War: Ragnarok is released in 2022.

There at PlayStation Showcase 2021, we finally received a real teaser for God of War: Ragnarok, which showed us gameplay and cinematic shots of what we’ll be facing when it comes out.

The fight appears to be as brutal as we’d imagine, and the latest statement also stated that we would be confronting Ragnarok — a series of events and disasters that, according to Norse mythology, eventually lead to the demise of the world.

GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S has been delayed till March 2022.

Grand Theft Auto V is heading to the PlayStation 5, and we got a glimpse at how the game, which was initially published eight years ago, will appear on the new hardware.

According to what was revealed at the PlayStation Showcase on Thursday, the most valuable piece of amusement in history appears to be on its way to becoming even bigger.

The game was also pushed back to 2022 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S to allow the developers more time to prepare it for release.

Grand Theft Auto V is now available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC, while Grand Theft Auto Online is accessible on all platforms except the PS3 and Xbox 360.

At the debut, GTA Online will be accessible for free on the PS5 for three months.

As previously stated, GTA Online PS4 users may win GTA$1,000,000 monthly until GTA Online PS5 launches in March 2022.


Gran Turismo 7 will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 4, 2022, according to Sony. It will be the first official entry in the PlayStation driving series in over nine years.

The launch date was revealed in a teaser that featured extended looks at the game’s high-fidelity graphics and additional features.

Players were shown a huge, seemingly open environment for driving, studded with map symbols and spots of attraction where they could pose their vehicles in GT7’s picture mode.

The game’s core area is a huge garage where players may keep all of the automobiles they acquire.

Upgrades and adaptations abound, and the fleet includes anything from Porsche and Mercedes supercars to old beaters, clay Suv’s, and just about everything else in between.

More info is accessible on the PlayStation Blog.

Gran Turismo 7, developed by Polyphony Digital, was initially scheduled for release in 2021; Sony Interactive Studios confirmed the postponement in February, citing the delay to pandemic-related production adjustments.

Gran Turismo 7 will also be available on the PlayStation 4.

Thursday’s announcement was also the first peek at the new game in almost one year, after the June 2020 demonstration in which GT7 was mostly used to tease the graphic potential of the PlayStation 5.

The film also teased a new single-player campaign for the franchise, in which players may unlock and modify vehicles through winning races.

The Gran Turismo series started in 1997. Gran Turismo, although being seen as a showcase for the PlayStation’s technological capabilities, has never been released with a new platform.

Gran Turismo Sport, released in 2017, was four years behind the PlayStation 4; Gran Turismo 5 was four years behind the PlayStation 3.

The PS5 game Project Eve is firing off serious Bayonetta vibes

Project Eve hasn’t been seen in over a year, but its latest teaser at PlayStation Showcase 2021 more than makes up for it, concentrating on the game’s Bayonetta-styled fighting.

Shift Up, a Korean studio has been developing  Project Eve since 2019.

Shift Up published fresh Project Eve images and a longer glance at one of the game’s enemies last autumn.

According to the few clips and pictures which have been released, the game takes place in a science fiction, post-apocalyptic world in which players control Eve, a young lady accompanied by a robot, in a struggle against a monstrous extraterrestrial menace.

Players get a better look at Eve, the planet, and notably the combat in the newest PlayStation Showcase 2021 teaser for Project Eve.

The clip begins with Eve combating some sort of monstrous extraterrestrial monster before getting tossed around and blasted into space when the teaser displays gameplay, Eve is said to be bright and acrobat, pulling off insane combinations while particle effects flare across the screen. The combination of crazy opponent designs and complex fighting reminds me of the gameplay of the Bayonetta trilogy.

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