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It’s impossible to avoid it. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a massive game with over 200 hours of playtime if you’re willing to explore its vast globe and complete all of its quests. Many systems for leveling up, earning new skills, as well as increasing your crafting and alchemy, all need to be learned in The Witcher 3, like in any other RPG.

Use these tips and tricks to make your trip through the Northern Realms easier and more fun as you take on some of the most famous puzzles and quests in the game.


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As soon as you encounter a non-human enemy for the first time, your Bestiary will be updated with critical information about what signs the Witcher’s counterpart of magic spells, bombs, and oils that can be applied to swords perform best against it. Take note of its Bestiary entry, and alter your strategy accordingly if it gets the best of you more than once. Any humans you meet might have useful information about their weaknesses or strengths in their Characters tab entries.

Make sure Roach is strapped 

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When completing a contract, it’s customary to take the head of the monster you killed as proof that you’ve finished the task and earned the contract giver’s coveted coin. The good news is that you don’t have to hand over the prize head. When you equip it to Roach’s saddle, which makes her look badass and also provides perks, it goes into your inventory. It is possible to gain 5% more experience from human NPCs if you kill one of the most notable noonwraiths on Roach. Roach’s level will rise swiftly if you check the benefits of the creatures you’ve defeated and equip them to him, so be sure to do so.

Combat in the water

It’s common knowledge that diving underwater in Witcher 3 is a death wish because you can’t fight underwater and it simply takes a few strikes to sink to the riverbed. It’s a little-known fact that you can battle underwater using the crossbow you obtained while battling the Griffin, rather than in melee. Enemies in the water can be defeated with a single shot.


You are completely mistaken if you believe that it is a waste of time to return to the same merchant that you visited at the beginning of the game in order to purchase items. There is never a problem with the availability of products because merchants begin selling them at an early level and continue to increase their inventory as you move through the game.

Look for places of power

During your travels, you may stumble across a map marker that indicates the location of a “Place of Power.” Get there quickly: you can take energy from each place of power, which will not only give your sign a temporary boost but will also provide you with an ability point if you do so. If you do so, however, you will not receive the ability point. In the early stages of the game, before you have even begun to level up.

Read all of the books

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The Witcher 3 is not a game that will give you everything you need to know up front. While some tasks can be started by simply reading the journal or noticeboard, many others require a closer look at the book you found beneath the bed at the beginning of the game. Keeping an eye on all of your books will ensure that you don’t miss any essential quests.

Loot everything

If you’re a fan of RPGs, you won’t be disappointed by The Witcher 3’s abundance of riches, given the size of its universe. However, the weight limit will slow you down, annoyingly, despite the substantial amount of gear that may be carried about. You can prepare for this by purchasing a saddlebag for your horse, Roach, which will boost your load carrying ability. If you have anything extra, make sure to get it sold to the right people. And don’t forget to look through the bodies of enemies you haven’t met before, as they may contain mutagens that can improve your skills.

Update Geralt’s Armor

There are full sets of witcher gear, weapons, and armor that can be found on treasure hunts, including the green-labelled swords. The perks of this equipment increase if you get the full set. Discovering the origins of each set is an adventure in and of itself. For instance, the Ursine School or the Witcher School of the Cat are two possible examples. The various sets can be found on various treasure hunts, each of which has its own special rewards. As you progress through the game, keep an eye out for diagrams and components that can grant you experience benefits.

Make good use of your Ability Points

Ability Points can be used to strengthen a variety of aspects of your character, including combat skills, alchemy, and the ability to see signs. You can spend Ability Points in the Character section of the main in-game menu. While there are just three spots accessible at the beginning, additional slots open up as you progress through the ranks. In the early stages of the game, it’s best to spend your ability points upgrading your favorite talents rather than opening up new ones. Aside from that, each set of three slots has its own mutagen slot that can further improve those skills if the mutagen is colored in the same way.

It’s important to remember that abilities can only be used if they are placed in slots, so don’t get carried away with adding new ones just for the sake of adding more spaces. The later you progress in the game, the more it pays to have some Ability Points stashed away just in case you need them to deal with a particularly challenging monster.

Axii Sign

When you’re first starting out, don’t be afraid to spend some gold on improving Axii, the Witcher Sign that has the power to influence other players’ thoughts. It is useful due to its ability to incapacitate adversaries and offer Geralt an advantage in combat. As for dialogue options, some of the heavier choices demand Axii power at a higher level.

When Geralt is exhausted, it’s a good idea to have these dialogue options powered up. In addition, when you employ Axii in the discussion, you gain experience.

NPCs can be used

If you ever get off Roach too close to an adversary, you’ll notice that the enemy begins to focus on Roach instead of you. When NPCs show up as your allies in battle, the same rules apply. A closer inspection of these NPCs shows that they lack a health bar, meaning they are immune to all attacks for as long as possible. You can utilize these NPCs as a way out of tight spots or as a shield.

Buy every repair kit

Damage is dealt to weapons and armor in the time-honored RPG tradition. Blacksmiths and armorers can repair weapons and armor for a fee, although these professionals aren’t always available. They do, however, sell repair kits for weapons and armor, allowing you to carry out repairs while out and about. Repair kits are hard to come by, so if you discover a blacksmith or an armorer, be sure to stock up on their supplies.

Bank of Novigrad

The Witcher 3: Novigrad is being developed by CD Projekt Red. is the largest city ever encountered in an open-world RPG, and it is surely wonderfully colorful and brimming with life in The Witcher 3. It’s also where you’ll find Vivaldi Bank, which is run by dwarf Vivaldi, who happens to be Geralt of Rivia’s best friend. In The Witcher 3, crowns are the sole form of payment accepted, although as you progress, you’ll also get orens and florins. The only way to exchange them for crowns is to use Vivaldi. However, a large gold coin-shaped sign outside Vivaldi Bank is the only way to find it on the map.

The Shield (Quen)

Even on lower difficulty levels, the Witcher 3’s foes can be extremely dangerous. A lot of damage will be dealt, and you’ll quickly realize that protection is sometimes the best strategy in a fight. Quen comes to the rescue here. A few hits can be deflected by Geralt’s magical shield before it breaks. Higher degrees of Quen’s Alternate Form allow him to shield himself from harm and transform it into health. It is faster than consuming food or drinking potions, and it truly alters your fighting style.

You can avoid fall damage 

It is just plain funny when a person survives a lethal sword fight, only to die a few feet later after falling from a height of a few feet. If you roll as soon as you hit the ground after falling, you won’t have any problems with this.

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