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Even for someone as experienced as Geralt of Rivia, monster hunting is a difficult task. It’s impossible to reason or bargain with many of the mystical creatures that roam the world. They’d sooner raze defenseless villages and mutilate the populace limb by limb than face the consequences of their actions. The White Wolf must be well-prepared(with armor) if he is to have a chance against these monsters.

The Witcher 3 has a wide variety of armor sets that will keep him safe. Being a monster slayer is more vital than looking attractive when it comes to survival in the deadly world of monster hunting. Additionally, Geralt’s gear’s accessibility and viability are critical. Geralt’s quest to find Ciri is fraught with peril. As a result, the Witcher’s adventure would be far safer if he were to wear heavy armor. 

1. The Nilfgaardian Armor

Comparisons between the Netflix drama and the game developed by CD Projekt Red are impossible to resist and cannot be avoided. Because of how open-ended The Witcher 3 is, you won’t have the same experience when playing the game as someone else would.

Thanks to this free DLC set, gamers of The Witcher 3 now have the opportunity to don the armor of the Black Ones. If you wear this set, you will get a large increase in your resistance to all types of damage. As a result, the best candidate for wearing this clothing is the player who wants to appear to be a Nilfgaardian loyalist in their roleplaying or who has difficulty avoiding strikes.

2. Cat Armor

While the Feline armor is one of the most visually appealing light armor components in The Witcher 3, it is by far the best light armor available. The studded belt and chest armor worn by our favorite Butcher of Blaviken give him an air of opulence. Geralt’s neck, limbs, and chest are encased in chainmail, while a mixture of suede and leather covers the rest. His entire body is protected by this layer.

The Cat armor is an excellent choice for a playstyle that emphasizes fast attacks and perfect damage avoidance through evasion. A shopkeeper in Blackbough’s far northwesternmost district sells a diagram map for the price of this armor. On a map, the location of a cave in Novigrad is marked. To reach the golem and the box with the diagrams, you must first complete the puzzles.

3. Hen Gaidth Armor

You will not be able to get the Hen Gaidth armor set until you follow the Unseen Elder vampire during the Night of the Long Fangs task that is included in the Blood and Wine expansion. This is the only way to earn the Hen Gaidth armor set. In the dungeon where you fight the Unseen Elder vampire, there is a treasure positioned next to a large gaping hole in the ground. The chest contains two of the set’s pieces of armor.

Following the footprints and looking for the Unseen Elder will eventually lead you to a crossroads where you will need to choose which path to take. You can find the final two pieces of Hen Gaidth armor in a chest along the wall if you continue down the route to the left and beat the few foes you come across. In order to finish the objective, you will need to follow Geralt down a stone wall until you find the final chest. The final two pieces of Hen Gaidth’s armor are located close to the base of the stone wall that he winds up atop.

When deciding between several types of equipment, like armor and weaponry, you should always pick the one that gives you the most diversity. If you’re level 31, you should be using the mastercrafted versions of the items that are the best fit for the way you play.

4. Viper Armor

In the Hearts of Stone expansion, the Viper set of armor was introduced. Her main focus is on deadly snakes and other venomous animals. It has a sleek and black design, similar to the Kaer Morhen armor you start the game with. Despite this, it lacks a set bonus, which makes it less powerful than other Witcher school gear sets. Despite this, the Viper School’s kit is a solid option, especially if you want a high level of poison resistance. It also comes with two swords, one of which may poison anyone who comes into contact with it.

How to Get Viper ArmorThe Viper Amor initially appeared in the Hearts of Stone expansion. There is only one chance to get the diagrams, so don’t waste it. When you’re working on the Open Sesame objective, talk to the Countess Mignole at the House of Shadows. If you find her earring, you can talk to her in more ways and get the blueprints for the Viper armor.

5. Skellige Armor

skellige armor

Skellige armor, sometimes referred to as Undvik armor in-game, is included in the game’s free downloadable content (DLC) from CD Projekt Red. By wearing this armor set, you can show your respect for the Skellige archipelago, which is comprised of beautiful islands, terrifying monsters, and a thriving civilization. It gives you the opportunity to do so.

Both the Nilfgaardian set and the Skellige set improve Geralt’s defensive capabilities, but the Nilfgaardian outfit does so to a greater extent. In addition to its use in roleplay, this kit will be of great assistance to novice Witchers as they begin their adventures in the game by teaching them the fundamentals of battle. The Skellige and Nilfgardian sets are more akin to training gear, and if you find yourself in need of more versatile equipment early on, you’ll soon be able to trade them in for something else.

6. Griffin Armor


It is common knowledge that both scholars and mages favor the Griffin Armor Set for its comfortable and familiar feel during battle. In addition to that, this set of moderate size delivers a significant boost to the sign’s intensity! Pure Sign builds aren’t nearly as effective as some of the other options that are open to players. If you choose to play on the more difficult difficulty settings, you will almost certainly need to combine armor sets from previous games in order to create a strong build. If, on the other hand, you intend to make more frequent use of signs, you will need the Griffin armor. There are secrets you wish you knew.

7. The Ursine Armor


If you want to play safely while still making significant use of the Quen sign in The Witcher 3, Ursine Armour is your only option. This heavy armor set increases the Quen sign significantly, but it also provides the most overall protection of any Witcher school armor set. When you reach level 40, you can equip the Grandmaster Ursine Armor. Half of the schematics are found in Flovive, a settlement in the Blood & Wine DLC. If you’re coming from Beauclair, head northeast, cross the lake, and then head inland for a short distance. The armor plans can be found in a secret chest beneath one of the buildings in a tunnel.

They are within a short distance of Flovive’s headquarters. The river’s terminus can be seen on the map if you head north and slightly west from the village. There is a cave in that location. To access the diagrams, kill a big centipede near the cave’s back entrance, which may be found on a Witcher corpse.

The set benefits of Ursine Armor strengthen Quen’s defenses. High-difficulty playthroughs are ideal for this because a single hit can cause significant damage. You can always swap to another shield if your current one breaks down for whatever reason if you have at least three pieces of Quen armor on. If someone wears any garment, it has a 5% chance of causing an allergic reaction. Using all six set components increases your Quen abilities’ damage by 200 percent. This would tremendously enhance the backlash damage from explosive shields and Quen Discharge!

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