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If you use Discord, you probably have heard of Discord bots.

These AI-powered bots enable you to do everything from welcome new members to paraphrase influential material.

Discord has expanded significantly since its debut in 2015, and while it was designed primarily for gamers, online marketers are figuring out how to make it work for them.

Discord bots may be the way to go if you’re seeking a new and interesting method to connect with your community.

What Exactly Are Discord Bots?

Discord bots are one of the most helpful aspects of the messaging app.

They are artificial intelligence (AI) that marketers and company owners may employ to conduct a variety of automated activities on the server.

Creating a community has never been simple, but doing so on Discord is an excellent method to give individuals a sense of exclusivity.

This technique will help you if you already have an audience.

In a safe and private community setting, you’ll be able to provide advice, make films, host lives, and teach others all you know.

When individuals believe they are obtaining something unique, they are more likely to share it with others and, as a result, pay more for the knowledge.

Discord bots make it easy to build a vibrant community.

You may use them to greet new recruits to the server, regulate member conversations, and prohibit those who do not follow the rules.

You may use them to post memes, games, music, and other amusing material to the server in order to make it more engaging for your members.

The trick is to know which Discord bots to add.

Some bots can improve your server and create a better community, enticing people to stay and interact with you.

The incorrect ones may turn away people or create an unfavourable environment.

Top 10 useful Discord Bots to Try Using the best bots to make a highly engaged and amused community is the key to success with Discord marketing.

In this part, we’ll look at the top 10 most helpful Discord bots.

1. ProBot 

ProBot is a Discord bot that allows you to automatically create welcome messages, so that every time someone joins the server, they are welcomed with a personalized greeting that reflects your personality.

With the automated system, you can identify inappropriate conduct quickly and either warn the individual not to do it again or throw them out automatically if required.

For example, if someone tweets anything vulgar, you are unlikely to offer the individual a second opportunity.

ProBot can throw them out and keep your group on track.

The bot lets you program distinct instructions with varying levels to determine which acts warrant an instant kick and which result in a harsh warning.

The uptime of the finest bots is an essential consideration. ProBot offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, so you (almost) never have to worry about the bot being down and your server going crazy.

2. MEE6

MEE6 is by far the most feature-rich Discord bot available.

Custom commands may be written to automatically assign responsibilities to users and deliver messages in the main channel or through DMs depending on specified behaviours.

It’s also simple to set up welcome messages and automate responsibilities.

Without having to do anything manually, you may welcome new members to the server, assign them a position, and explain the server’s rules with a few easy instructions.

The level of customization you can apply to your Discord bot instructions is the finest feature of this bot.

If someone promotes advertising, undesirable links, or spam, you can instantly kick them. This can contribute to the formation of a close-knit community in which everyone can have fun.

3. Voicy

Communication is essential in a community, and coming up with innovative and amusing methods to interact with your users can set your server apart from the competitors.

Keep in mind that there are a plethora of other individuals competing for the same users to join their channel as you.

You must come up with original techniques to bring attention to yourself.

Voicy allows the user to search their network’s library of over 50,000 hilarious sound clips.

They are continually upgrading the platform with new sound effects, and you and your members may utilize the commands to create a more pleasurable and exciting atmosphere where people want to stay.

4. Dank Memer

If your initial thinking is, “Why would memes be essential for marketing?” you might be shocked to learn that they are a highly strong marketing tool that you can utilize to build a better community.

Memes are an excellent method to promote engagement since people enjoy comedy, and the goal of Discord is to build a lighthearted community that is rich in entertainment and enjoyment.

Memes are a quick and easy method to accomplish this.

Dank Memer is an excellent Discord bot due to the sheer quantity of commands available.

They have instructions ranging from basic photos of animals to complete games where you may play blackjack against AI using coins purchased with real money.

Dank Memer is an excellent Discord bot choice if you want to establish a where everyone can relax, unwind, and have fun.

5. FreeStuff

Amongst the most valuable Discord, bots available is FreeStuff.

The bot essentially does what the name implies: it gives you updates and messages about free games. It is, without a doubt, the greatest Discord bot for bargains that you can employ.

Once you’ve installed the bot to the server, it will notify you anytime a premium game becomes accessible for free.

The nicest thing is that FreeStuff does not annoy you with messages for games that are by nature free to play.

6. Quillbot

Quillbot is a one-of-a-kind Discord bot that lets you paraphrase what someone has spoken.

Using the instructions will automatically rewrite typed text for you.

I see a few applications for this, the most important of which being content marketing and authoring.

Assume you’re conducting an interview with a subject matter expert.

They respond with content from an article they authored or a feature they had elsewhere.

You can’t utilize those terms straight away. Quillbot will rephrase what they said so that it may be used in your post.

There are also more flexible uses for the bot that you can experiment with if you’re simply having fun with it.

You might, for example, apply the word flip modifier, which would modify the statement to include as many synonyms as feasible.

7. GiveawayBot

What nicer way to demonstrate your appreciation for your town than through giveaways?

GiveawayBot assists you in hosting a contest by utilizing basic commands that allow you to start, choose a winner, and stop a giveaway without any manual labour.

What is the significance of this for digital marketing? Again, we’re constantly looking for new and interesting ways to interact with your followers, and giving things away is a wonderful way to catch people’s attention.

Because people will share the Discord server if you hold exciting, entertaining contests, you will naturally build your following.

8. Community Hubs Beta

The objective of the Community Hubs Discord bot is to improve how we interact with one another across several servers and platforms.

It links a Discord channel to a Hub room with other channels, allowing you to communicate information across the two locations.

If you have diverse consumers across several genres, this may be a great method to bring two groups together.

Assume you have a server dedicated largely to SEO and another to Influencer Marketing.

If you wish to live stream to both audiences because the topic is important to both, you can utilize Hubs to bring the two together to watch the live stream and profit from the content.

The Hubs bot also enables communication between the two channels.

Not only are there direct, immediate benefits, but there are also long-term benefits. Someone, for example, may opt to join both groups.

9. Spixx 

Spixx is a bot that lets you control memes, music, and games. It’s all in the name of establishing a fun environment and a unique community where individuals feel welcome.

Without realizing it, you are indirectly promoting to your audience by employing Discord bot games.

Marketing begins the moment you establish a community and connect with it. It’s the most basic kind of marketing, and it’s easy when everybody is having a great time.

Spixx assists you in accomplishing this.

It’s crucial to keep track of how people use it, though, because some of the memes and instructions are a little unclear.

10. GAwesome Bot

GAwesome is an excellent alternative for adding a multifunctional bot to your Discord server.

It’s a highly configurable and strong bot that’s not only great at moderating chats but also adds a slew of entertaining features to boost user engagement on your server.

It can kick, ban, or reward member ranks, but it can also be used to run surveys, giveaways, make crazy memes, and do a variety of other things.

The fact that this bot has a powerful extension mechanism will have to be the highlights of this bot.

This implies that you may instruct GAwesome Bot to display results from Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, or even Reddit.

You may also create your own custom RSS feeds for use in-chat.

Useful Bots to Improve Your Discord Server

Discord bots, as you’ve seen, are now an important component of your chat experiences and can let you accomplish a lot so much with your servers.

You don’t need to be lurking around the servers to keep the community in control if you have one.

The abovementioned bots are among the most popular, although there is a bot for every function available.

So, if you think I missed any amazing Discord bots, please let me know in the comments below.

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