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This new Dark Souls-inspired open-world title from developer FromSoftware takes the Souls series to a new level of scale and scope. Elden Ring which was launched on Friday, is a welcome addition that builds on the previous games’ qualities. Creating this game was impossible on the first go-around. In my opinion, it’s one of the greatest games ever developed, and the pinnacle of everything that the studio has worked for.

However, it was more pleasant in my dreams. Elden Ring is so similar to Dark Souls that it’s irritating at times: there’s an enchanted woman, a throne to claim, most of the same types of creatures, some of which are nearly identical to those in the previous games. It turns out that scattering these items over an open environment doesn’t improve them and instead strips them of the meaning they had in the previous games.

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While the opening few hours of Elden Ring may evoke memories of Breath of the Wild, FromSoftware has not strayed from its usual harshness in this new adventure. It’s possible to avoid most of the third-person, hack-and-slash encounters that would otherwise obliterate you in another Dark Souls game, but it’s still challenging—for me, one of the more challenging FromSoftware games.

As a “Tarnished,” gifted by grace, and driven to travel to the Lands Beyond to become an Elden Lord, all you know is you play as a “Tarnished.” You’ll have to figure out what that means, how to accomplish it, and why there’s a gigantic, shimmering golden tree in the background. 

There are no in-game notes to remind you of the events, people, or unique phrases you encounter over the course of dozens of hours, making the great plot difficult to completely comprehend on a first playthrough. Although there really should have been, it was an enjoyable story to put pieces together for myself. I’m excited about the next mythology videos from the community, which I’m sure will add a lot to what I already know.

In keeping with series tradition, you begin the game by creating a hideous-looking character and escaping from a small cave, where you learn swordplay, shield-blocking, and magic. A hooded man blames you for being “maidenless” and tells you to “go off and die in a ditch” in a breathtaking landscape of beautiful hills and golden trees. As you make your way down the stone steps, an 8-foot knight on horseback brutalises you right away.

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Elden Ring’s combat is unlike anything else you’ve experienced before, with a weight and precision that begs for practise and persistence, whether you’re using weapons or spells. It’s possible to battle on the land or on horseback, riding past a foe before making your way back to safety. His speed and agility allow you to make daring escapes in a matter of seconds, and his ability to scramble over sheer rock sides like a mountainous goat makes him a fascinating introduction. You can gallop over a misty lake, awaken and draw a dragon from the cave’s entrance, then dip inside, steal the wealth, and make your way out again.

The fighting in Elden Ring is purposeful, as is now standard for games of this genre, but it’s been fine-tuned for this title. Acute timing between you and the enemy allows you to interrupt each other’s attacks. If you want to win in Elden Ring, you’ll need to pay attention to your opponent’s movements and hunt for opportunities to penalise them whenever they miss. 

When it comes to combat. You feel like you’ve beaten a dungeon master when you find a means to get a victory, whether it’s by using magic spells or exploding bombs, because the foes rarely seem to have a different set of rules than you. Even though Elden Ring has a lot in common with the best battles in the series, it also has a lot in common with some of the worse, with its late-game adversaries and bosses having far too much health that defeating them can be tedious rather than entertaining.

Is Elden Ring similar to its previous FromSoftware games

In many aspects, Elden Ring is similar to Dark Souls, but now with better graphics and a far larger area to explore. Just like in Dark Souls, I’m still playing with a huge axe and shield in my hands. Elden Ring, on the other hand, features a slew of new mechanics not found in any prior FromSoftware title. 

The first Souls has an open-world vibe, although some regions are locked off for story reasons, often by difficult bosses. In Dark Souls, rapid travel is scarce, and there is no horse to ride. Walking to the blacksmith is required if you want your weapons repaired. The Elden Ring has both fast travel and the ability to ride a horse, which quickly solves this problem for the people who use it.

There are fewer restrictions on what you can and cannot do in Elden Ring than in previous FromSoftware titles. Even though some of your foes are too powerful to take on, it’s still possible to avoid them until you’re ready to take on the challenge. There are several side quests, mini-dungeons, riddles, and mini-bosses to take on, all of which will net you useful items to aid you on your way.

Elden Ring has outsold Dark Souls 3 by a whopping 26% in the series’ biggest launch of the year. In addition, digital sales are expected to be a big hit as well. Later, those numbers will be made public as well.

63 percent of Elden Ring’s boxed sales came from PS5, making it the most popular platform for the game. Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 4 each attracted 17% of users. Fewer than 3% of the population was using a PC. Because digital sales on PC and Microsoft’s Xbox are more popular, these discrepancies are more than likely due to that.

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