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GPUs, consoles, and many other electronic devices will have short inventories and expensive pricing until at least 2023. There has been so much coverage of the global chip shortage this year. That we are in the midst of a severe crisis concerning semiconductor chips. Cars are more expensive and more challenging to produce than they used to be. Computer manufacturers are scrambling to meet the burgeoning demand for computers that can be used for small businesses and schools. 

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In addition, a slew of products has seen their launch dates pushed out into 2021 and beyond like dominoes. Chip scarcity has been particularly unpleasant for gamers, even though it impacts nearly everyone. The PlayStation 5 launched a year ago, yet ordering one is still almost impossible. Not without paying an excessive markup or automating your stock trading by following stock bots. As a result, PC gamers who are eager to upgrade their graphics cards but who have become accustomed to shrinking supply and soaring prices may have to wait longer. You may also want to read Top 7 Best Android Apps for 2022

According to Forrester Analytics’ Glenn O’Donnell, it boils down to supply and demand. To meet increased PC and gaming console demand, chipmakers also had to contend with production slowdowns due to COVID lockdowns and other safeguards. According to Forrester Analytics’ Glenn O’Donnell, it boils down to supply and demand. To meet increased PC and gaming console demand, chipmakers also had to contend with production slowdowns due to COVID lockdowns and other safeguards. 

We need to get used to the chip shortage because it will last for some time. According to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, there are no “magic bullets” for dealing with the supply chain. It’s also worth noting that NVIDIA’s supply chain is multi-sourced, so the scarcity shouldn’t significantly impact the creation of new products. Nevertheless, even before the epidemic outbreak, NVIDIA was having difficulty keeping up with player demand. As a result, retailers and resellers had to deal with a scarcity of products due to the activity of scalpers and miners.

Even though production will resume in 2023, Huang predicts that the pandemic-driven need for additional computers and gaming hardware will continue. There will be new computers created “for quite some time,” he said to Yahoo. “You can see all the ramifications of people constructing home offices.”

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USICA, which includes $52 billion for the CHIPs for America Act, offers a glimpse of hope for increased semiconductor manufacturing in this country. While USICA was approved by the Senate earlier this year, Republicans in the House of Representatives have vowed to thwart the law. A significant amount of $190 billion will be spent on enhancing American semiconductor R&D as a result of China’s considerable increase in chip production over the past decade.

The manufacturing war between the two countries came to a head when the Biden administration allegedly discouraged Intel from increasing its chip production in China. In addition, there has been a long-running cyberwar between the United States and China. After all, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged in 2015 that they would not encourage or engage in online intellectual property theft. It was most recently blamed on China for the primary Microsoft Exchange attack earlier this year, which infected more than 30,000 US businesses.

The chip supply chain is riddled with problems, and one thing everyone may have to accept is that they’ll have to live with their gadgets longer. According to O’Donnell, he says he’s seen companies’ suppliers trying to drag out an extra year or two before replacing their business devices. So, don’t worry about not being able to get your hands on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X so much if you’re an avid player. And despite NVIDIA’s drool-worthy RTX 30-series benchmarks, a 20-series GPU can still play practically every big game.

This newest console generation could also be delayed if there is a chip shortage. Again, in five to seven years, who knows what the game industry will look like? For now, 4K, 120 FPS, and some ray tracing are plenty for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. When it comes to ageing hardware, we’ve learned a lot from the success of the Switch.

A shift to cloud-based game streaming rather than requiring the fastest hardware feasible under your TV may also be more logical three to four years from now. There will still be servers, monitors, accessories, and sophisticated networking hardware needed to make cloud gaming a reality within a decade. By then, suppliers should keep up with the demand for chips.

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