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All gamers out there know about the GTA series, and we all love it so far. We all are waiting for news on GTA 6, but Rockstar decided to release GTA Trilogy before GTA 6. We were excited about the game, since we all loved it and played for hours in our childhood. Furthermore, we expected a definitive edition similar to or better than the Mafia definitive edition. But what Rockstar delivered us is a complete failure.  You may also be interested in Xbox Game Pass | Why should Gamers have it?

GTA Trilogy Review

GTA Vice City - Trilogy | Copywriter Solution

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition guaranteed fans a new and improved version of three legendary GTA games, but what we got was an ugly muddle. Many fans who purchased the trilogy quickly complained online about everything from shoddy visuals to misspelled signs, while the remastered editions received mixed reviews from critics. Aside from the lack of quality, the GTA Trilogy altered several aspects of the original games, further upsetting those who purchased the new versions.

The trilogy consists of three famous games: GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. Each is a vintage Grand Theft Auto game that many series fans remember fondly, and they were all included in the prequel trilogy collection, which was released in 2005. With all the advances in visuals and technology since their original release, the newly remastered editions could revive all of them and expose more fans to their remarkable stories and iconic characters.

The graphics in the new GTA Trilogy are one of the game’s main flaws. The original games’ characters and locations have all been tweaked, but not redesigned. As a result, the characters are ugly and ungainly, with odd proportions, and many items and characteristics appear flat or cartoonish. The new graphics weren’t quite as excellent as they could be, and the changes were made did a lot of damage. Characters in the GTA Trilogy have an odd appearance, which influences the tone of their different adventures.

What’s Wrong With The GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition

GTA Vice City - Trilogy | Copywriter Solution

Another primary source of criticism for the GTA Trilogy is flawed in the games’ textures and aesthetics. The new GTA Trilogy contains numerous spelling and aesthetic issues. Misspelled signs, character’s hands not being closed around baseball bats, and trains not being on their tracks are just a few of the flaws that fans have discovered in the games, both in gameplay and in official photos released by Grove Street Games, the studio in charge of the remasters. Glitches, glitches, and frame rate difficulties are also significant sources of annoyance.

Furthermore, for around 72 hours, the PC copies of the new trilogy were deleted from the Rockstar store, rendering the game not playable for those who had already purchased it. It has subsequently been restored, but it undoubtedly added to the uproar surrounding the release of the remasters. Data miners even uncovered that the GTA Trilogy had the famed Hot Coffee mini-game, which was removed from the original San Andreas but was accessible via mods.

Because of the enormous fans’ response, the GTA Trilogy may receive future updates to address bugs and other concerns. A tangible edition of the remasters will be released in December, with presumably some much-needed bug patches and visual improvements. Given the short amount of time, until they release, it’s unlikely to revamp the characters to give them more detail and better proportions, which GTA fans are clamoring for. Still, one can keep hoping that Rockstar will take these objections on board to remaster other 3D Universe GTA titles in the coming years, such as Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories.

Any updates and new versions of the new trilogy must also include environmental fixes. GTA Trilogy modders are working to improve the heavy rain that many players have complained about, with some claiming that it renders the games unplayable, so let’s hope it gets addressed soon. The increased draw distance in the remasters has made the environment look weird, especially from above, which fans hope GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will fix in future upgrades.

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