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Starting October 12th, you’ll require more than 500 subscribers instead of 1,000.

YouTube is reducing the number of followers required to make Community posts, the firm said on Thursday.

Starting on October 12th, rather than 1,000 subscribers, you’ll need more than 500.

YouTube stated in a tweet that the functionality will be available to “millions” of additional channels.

Community postings are Facebook-style news or updates by creators that may be viewed on their profile’s dedicated Community tab.

They may also appear on the Menu or Subscriptions tabs at times.

The feature was developed to replace the Discussion section, which will be deleted from all channels after October 12th, according to YouTube.

Community Posts

For creators with less than 500 subscribers who wish to utilize the Community posts feature, YouTube says it is “working to bring Community posts to you in the future,” implying that the tool may be made more broadly available at some time.

And, if you’ve reached the 500-subscriber mark, it might take up to a week before you can publish Community posts, according to the business.

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